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One Skiers Plea

Skiing is a beautiful sport. The majesty of the mountains, the brisk air rushing past your face as you scream down the hill, the unparalleled sensation of rapidly descending down a face of fresh powder. It has always been a gentleman’s sport, with the type of world-class destinations such as Chamonix, Gstaad, Whistler, Vail and Aspen coming to mind, the type of high class culture that accompanies them. This site will attempt to restore the luster to the world of skiing, and have a little fun at the expense of those that defame it along the way.

This is not an attack on any social class, as we believe that skiing should be experienced and shared by everyone. However, much as one does not wear a wife beater to the opera or a tuxedo to a punk rock concert, we believe in attire that maintains respect for the sport and culture of skiing. Tall tees and belt-less baggy pants beware, mercy should not be expected.

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